ATag™ Calf

ATag calf Animal graphic

2 1/2" Wide x 3 7/8" High


A Tag Applicator PNG3
Apply with ATag One-Piece Applicator.

The ATag™ Calf is designed for long term application as a one piece option.

It is self-piercing with a pinhole tip, which means faster healing and reduced animal stress. The ATag™ Calf has high retention, especially in thick eared animals due to a longer tag anchor. It also has a large surface area allowing for a wide range of marking options.

ATags fit the ATag™ One-Piece Applicator (yellow).

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ATag Calf Orange website

Color Range

  • RED
  • BLUE
  • PINK


Patented Laser-Ink MarkingA Tag Cow Yellow LaserInkMarking

Laser-ink marking allows for greater visibility of management numbers in livestock applications.

The patented marking process is exclusive to Allflex.

The durable laser mark is guaranteed to last the life of the animal.

Marking Tag Pens

Allflex marking pens ensure long lasting, highly visible marking designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Supplied with both fine and broad tips and available in two colors, white and black.