Allflex Group - Evolution of the top management team.

Posted Tuesday 7th June 2016

Allflex Group - Evolution of the top management team

Dallas (USA), Vitré (France), London (UK), June 1, 2016 — The Board of Directors of the Allflex Group, chaired by Mr. Jean-Baptiste Wautier, announces several major steps in the evolution of the Group’s top management team.

Dr Stefan Weiskopf has been nominated as Co-CEO and Member of the Board of Directors alongside Jacques Martin, current CEO. After a four-month transition period, Dr Weiskopf will become sole CEO of the Group, and Jacques Martin, aged 65, will step down from his position, but will remain a member of the Board of Directors.

Dr Weiskopf will be seconded by Brian Bolton, COO who will also be nominated as a Member of the Board, and Hilton Hess, CFO and Member of the Board.

Dr Weiskopf, a German national and Veterinarian by training, joins Allflex with 30 years of in-depth experience in the livestock and companion animal markets. He has been for the last 13 years a key executive at Pfizer Animal Health / Zoetis, of which the last 3 years as Executive Vice President at Zoetis.

Brian Bolton joined Allflex in 2004 as President of Allflex North America (Dallas) and successfully managed this important part of the Allflex Group until he was nominated as Group COO in 2015. Glenn Fischer, previously VP, succeeded Brian Bolton as President of Allflex North America in 2015.

Hilton Hess joined Allflex in 2014 as Group CFO and Member of the Board, after spending 5 years at Rentokil Initial in London and 18 years at Unilever in Cape Town, Shanghai and London.

Jacques Martin joined Allflex in 2000, became Group COO in 2005 and Group CEO in 2013. Together with his key management team and with the support of the Group’s main shareholder, BC Partners, he led the Group’s strategic development from Animal Identification to Animal Intelligence.

Mr. Jean-Batiste Wautier said “I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Stefan Weiskopf, and to congratulate Brian Bolton for his nomination to the Board of Directors. Under Dr Weiskopf’s upcoming leadership, and with Brian’s extensive experience of our markets, I am convinced Allflex will pursue its remarkable development as a major player in Animal Intelligence. I would also like to thank Jacques Martin, Allflex current CEO, Brian Bolton, COO and their whole management team for successfully steering Allflex strategic development over the last decade. Jacques and his team were instrumental both in delivering sustained growth but also in firming up and delivering on Allflex successful development in Animal Intelligence."

“I am excited about this new role,” said Dr Weiskopf. “Allflex has been a major player in the industry for over half a century, and I look forward to leading it to the next stage of its development, together with Brian Bolton, Hilton Hess and the whole Executive Committee.” 

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