As more and more dairy farms are adopting electronic monitoring technologies it is evident that the use of sensor-driven data goes well beyond activity monitoring, rumination monitoring and/or milk measurement - it is profoundly changing the way farmers understand their cows.

The result is a coherent management approach that is focused on optimizing the profitability of the individual cow, improved cow welfare, significantly more efficient use of resource and an improvement in farmer quality of life. 

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There are five major areas where dairy farms benefit from animal activity and rumination monitoring technologies: reproduction, health, nutrition, cow comfort, and labor.

1. Reproduction - Improve heat detection and optimal insemination timing while minimizing interruptions to cow routines.
2. Health - Early detection and interventions for sick cows and the ability to track the effect of treatments.
3. Nutrition - Group and herd level rumination and eating time, in-group rumination consistency monitoring.
4. Cow Comfort - Vital information, in real time, without having to interrupt cow routines.
5. Labor - Consistent and objective cow status eliminates the variability of manual processes. 

In our effort to educate the dairy industry about SCR, we launched a blog. Profitable Milk ( is the place where dairy farms owners, dairy consultants and dairy industry professionals can find useful information, advice, insights, and resources to help them better understand the positive impact of animal monitoring technologies.


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