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Allflex Electronic ID (EID)

Allflex pioneered electronic livestock identification with the introduction of the first EID products in North America in 1993. Commonly referred to as Electronic ID, EID or RFID (radio frequency identification), more than one million head of production livestock animals have been electronically tagged with Allflex Electronic Identification tags.

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Advantages with EID

  • Provides the basis to quickly and accurately collect data on individual animals.
  • Eliminates the need for “line of sight” reading necessary with visual and barcode systems.
  • The signal can penetrate body, tissue, wood, plastic, mud, manure and more.
  • RFID, in this application, is passive. It requires no battery so it will last for the life of the animal.

Advantages with Allflex

  • Allflex High Performance Electronic Identification Tags incorporate the most highly used radio frequency identification system in the world, the TIRIS system by Texas Instruments.
  • Allflex’s unique design incorporates an air coil antenna system enclosed within a modified small female tag. This durable tag helps the transponder withstand tough environmental conditions.


Allflex manufactures both HDX (half-duplex) and FDX (full-duplex) tags that meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established RFID standards for livestock identification and utilizes the strengths of the low frequency 134.2 kHz band. This frequency can be read through most materials in wet and dirty conditions and provides a well-defined read zone for animals passing next to the reader.

  • HDX technology is considered the gold standard for livestock electronic identification and offers the greatest possible read distance.
  • FDX technology offers a somewhat reduced performance at a lower initial cost.
  • Allflex is proud to be the only company that offers both technologies.